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July 2018

2018 Leadership College Announcement

2018 Department Membership Report:  July72018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jun302018

Department HQs Office Closed on July 4 2018


June 2018

PPP Luncheon Forms

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jun252018

Department HQs Office Closed on June 22 2018

2018 Department Convention Program 06202018

Passing of Tommy Gear, son of PNP Anna Gear

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jun142018

2018 Department Convention Unit Credentials Needed 06112018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jun82018

2018-2019 Candidate for Western Zone VP Barbour

eNewsletter – June 2018

May 2018

AEF – Department of Virginia 05312018

2018 Department Membership Report:  May312018

2018 Department Membership Report:  May252018

Dept HQs Office Closed Monday May 28 2018

2018 Department Membership Report:   May212018

2018-2019 Candidate for Eastern Zone VP Shepherd

2018-2019 Candidate for Northern Zone VP DeSarro

2018-2020 Candidate for NEC Rossman

2018-2020 Candidate for NEC Shine

2018 Department Membership Report:  May42018

ALA Department of Virginia Office will be closed May 5-9 2018


April 2018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Apr262018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Apr192018

Corrected Link to the 2019 Unit Data Form

2019 Unit Data Form – Direct Billing 04192018

e-Newsletter – April 2018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Apr52018


March 2018

2017 Department of Virginia Constitution and Bylaws Rev

2018 Department Membership Report:  Mar292018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Mar222018

2018 Department Membership Report:   Mar162018

Pledge of Code of Conduct

2018 Department Membership Report:  Mar82018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Mar12018


February 2018

VAR 2018 EOY Report

2018 National Convention Package 02222018

2018 Department Spring Conference Program 02222018

2018 Department Membership Report:   Feb232018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Feb152018

Its Tea Time 02132018

2018 VAR Breakfast

2018 Department Membership Report:   Feb92018

Feb_eNews_2018 2.3

2018 Department Membership Report:  Feb12018


January 2018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jan192018

Jan 2018 Bulletin

Past Presdient Parley Luncheon 2018 Form 1.22

Jan_eNews_2018 1.20

Our 2018 Day on the Hill on January 17, 2018 is being cancelled due to the impending inclement weather.  I have talked with a number of people about this and because of the forecast, feel this is the best decision.

Thanks, Dale D. Chapman, Department Adjutant (1/15/2018)

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jan112018

Department of Virginia ALA Office Hours – January 2018

2018 Department Membership Report:  Jan52018

Special Reminder Senior Americanism Essay Contest

2018 Department Membership Report:  Dec312017


December 2017

The 2018 Joint Legislative Council (JLC) Initiatives have been finalized and can be found at the following link:  https://www.dvs.virginia.gov/dvs/joint-leadership-council-veterans-service-organizations-2/

Reminder Western Zone Workshop – January 13th

December 2017 eNewsletter

Make Your Plans to Attend 2018 Day on the Hill

2018 Department Membership Report:   Dec142017

2017-2018 Medical Scholarship Application-1 updatedNational_Presidents_Scholarship_Application_2017-2018 updatedNon_Traditional_Student_Scholarship_Application-2017-2018

National President Reception Invitation 12082017


2018 Department Membership Report:   Dec72017


November 2017

2018 Department Membership Report:   Nov302017

eNewsletter – November 2017

2017 Fall Department Bulletin 11162017

2018 Department Membership Report:   Nov 14 2017

2017-2018 Virginia ALA Department Directory 11012017:  Please Login to the Member Portal to Access.   http://www.vaauxiliary.org/site2/index.php/media/members-portal/

2017-2018 Virginia ALA Program Action Plan Complete 11012017


October 2017

Special Announcement Department Secretary Treasurer 10/30/2017

2018 Department Membership Report:  Oct262017

UPDATED Leon Smith Funeral Arrangements

Passing of Husband of Past Department President Loretta Smith

2018 Department Membership Report:  Oct13c2017

2018 Department-Spring-Conference-registrationformrevsion3

Commemoration Operation Torch 11082017


2018 Department Membership Report:  Oct132017

Announcing New ALA Mentorship Program 10132017

2017-2018 Medical Scholarship Application

Its Tea Time October 8 2017

2018 Department Membership Report: Oct62017

2018 Department Membership Report:  Oct32017


September 2017

2017 Fall Conference Membership Mystery Breakfast Tea Info and Registration Form 09282017

2017 Dept Fall Conference Program 09212017


UPDATED AEF Hurricane Donations

UPDATED INFO Passing of Father of Department President Cheryl Shine 09072017

Hurricane Harvey Victims ~ Auxiliary Emergency Fund 09052017

Passing of Father of Department President Cheryl Shine 09052017


August 2017

August 2017 e-Newsletter 08202017

Passing of Benjamin Smith

2017-2018 Department Planning Calendar 08072017

ACTION ALERT: Legion To Senate: Pass “Forever” GI Bill Immediately


July 2017
REMINDER: 2017 Virginia American Legion Family Leadership College Registration Cut Off is Thursday, July 27, 2017!

2017 Leadership College Registration Package 07082017

2017 Department Membership Report:   july212017

2017 Department Membership Report:  July122017

2017 Department Membership Report:  July72017

Happy Independence Day from Department President Sallie Rossman

June 2017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Jun232017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Jun162017

Updated Department ALA Convention Program 06152017

Updated Department Legion Convention Program 06152017

2017 Department Membership Report:   jun92017 v2

2017 Auxiliary convention book convention program

2017 Department Membership Report:  Jun22017

ALA to award 50 $1000 9 11 Service Project grants-can help posts_Easy Applicant DUE June 30

May 2017

2017 Department Membership Report:  may262017

2017 Department Membership Report:  May192017

2017 Department Membership Report:  May122017

2017 Department Membership Report:  may52017


April 2017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Apr282017

2017 Department Membership Report:   apr222017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Apr142017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Apr72017

2016-2017 Poppy Order Form

March 2017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Mar312017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Mar242017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Mar172017

Legislative Take Action Three veterans bills up for House vote this week

2017 Department Convention Information:

2017 Department Convention Registration Complete Package 03142017

2017 AL Baseball Fundraiser Golf Tournament 03142017

02 20 2017-Department-Convention-Registration-FINAL V5

2017 Department Membership Report:  Mar82017

2017 Leadership College Registration Package 03052017

Passing of PDP Janet Renner’s Mother (Barbara J. Schultz)

2017 Department Membership Report: Mar22017


February 2017

2017 Department Membership Report: Feb242017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Feb202017

(2/15/2017) We are extending registration until 25 February 2017. Please pass on to all. After the 25th registrations will be taken at the Conference.

Alfred R. “AL” Steward,  2nd Dist Activities Committee

2017 Walk For Veterans

2017 Department Membership Report:  Feb92017

2017 Department Membership Report:  Feb22017

January 2017

2017 Department Membership Report: Jan272017

January February 2017 Edition e-Newsletter

2017 Department Membership Report: Jan192017Updated

2017 Department Membership Report: Jan132017

ATTENTION: The Northern Zone Workshop scheduled for January 7, 2017 has been postponed to February 4, 2017. It will still be at Giles B. Cook American Legion Post #53 in Front Royal, Virginia and at the same times as previously announced. We want our members to be safe and thought this was best for all…Cindy Kokernak, Leadership Chairman and Angela DeSarro, Northern Zone Vice-President

2017 Department Membership Report:  Jan62017

December 2016

Special Membership Message on When Dues Expire 12312016

2017 Department Membership Report: DEC302016

Passing of Past Department President Vernetta Cox Dupree 12282016

2017 Department Membership Report:   Dec222016

2017 Department Membership Report:  Dec152016

2017 Department Membership Report:  Dec92016

2017 Department Membership Report: dec22016



November 2016

2017 Department Membership Report:  nov232016

2017 Department Membership Report:  nov182016

2017 Department Membership Report:  nov102016

2017 Department Membership Report: nov42016


October 2016




2017 Department  Membership Report: oct142016






2017 Department Membership Report: oct102016


fall-bazaar-at-department-fall-conference 10032016


September 2016

Department Membership Report:  sep302016


The-auxiliary-needs-your-help! 09162016

Department Membership Report:  sep142016

Action Alert: Appeals Modernization vote this week in House



Action Program Updates 1.16

Department of Virginia Scholarships Updated 09052016

Western Zone Workshop Call Letter 8-24-16

August 2016

Legislative Alert:  Take Action Reform VA’s Broken Disability Benefits Appeals Process (8/29/2016)

Passing of Mrs. Bettie Joan Evans Messier (Wife of Late Past Department Commander Roger Messier) (8/29/2016)

July 2016

2016 Fillable_Fall Conference Registrationv3 07222016

REMINDER:  2016 Virginia Leadership College Cutoff – Friday July 28, 2016

Just a reminder that if you are interested in attending the 2016 Virginia Leadership College, Hotel Reservations must be made by July 28, 2016 and if you want breakfast and lunch meals on Saturday, you must register by Friday July 28, 2016.

Student Copy of 2016_Leadership_College_Agenda_07212016

2016 Leadership College Registration Package 02232016

2016 Department Membership Report:  July152016

2016 Department Fall Conference Registration Form

Passing of Klaus Dahlke 07072016

Rockin the Decades Challenge at Dept Convention

Celebrate Independence Day with a Membership Incentive From Department

Passing of the Mother of Bob Renner

2016 Department Membership Report: July 1 2016

June 2016

2016 Department Convention Order Form for Corsages 06262016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 06222016

June 21, 2016 UPDATE: The Department President, Janet Renner, was just notified by Susan Lee, Director of Virginia Girls State that 2 of the Auxiliary’s esteemed members, Pearl and Rosel, have been arrested for causing a disturbance at Girls State. Apparently they chose to cause this disturbance while Past National President, Peggy Thomas was speaking. Ms Thomas had the two arrested and taken off to jail and will remain there until the Delegates can raise enough money to post bail. The bail money will be donated to the House for Hope. I will keep you posted as the day proceeds.

ALA Nat’l Conv. Event Order form 2016

2016 Department Membership Report:  June172016

Past Presidents Parley Luncheon RSVP Deadline Extended 06142016

Happy Flag Day! Please Fly Your American Flags Today – June 14, 2016 |

Exciting News from Your Membership Chairman 06102016

2016 Department Membership Report:   June102016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 06092016

2016 Department ALA Convention Delegates 06092016 (PDF)

2016 Department ALA Convention Delegates 06092016 (Word)

2016 Department Membership Report:  June32016

May 2016

VAR Service to Veterans Breakfast and Reporting 05292016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 05262016

2016 Department Membership Report:  May242016

1st Annual Virginia Freedom Festival at the Warren County Fairgrounds on July 2 and 3, 2016

Looking for a few good photos 05242016

Past Presidents Parley Luncheon 05242016

Habitat House for Hope and Our Juniors made the News

House for Hope Update:  http://www.dailypress.com/news/military/dp-nws-habitat-for-heroes-20160519-story.html

Exciting News from Your Membership Chairman 05172016

2016 Department Membership Report: May132016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 05092016

2016 Department Membership Report: May62016

Updated Info on the Passing of PDP Nancy Harting’s Mother 05042016

April 2016

Update – House for Hope 04292016

Passing of Past National President Kris Nelson 04282016

Passing of PDP Nancy Hartings Mother 04272016

Exciting News from Your Membership Chairman 04242016

2016 Department Membership Report:  Apr222016

Passing of Samuel “Sandy” Hopkins 04212016

2016-2017UnitOfficers 04212016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 04182016

April is Children and Youth Month

2016 Department Membership Report: Apr152016

PDC Chip Byers Funeral Arrangements 04142016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 04112016

2016 Department Membership Report: Apr112016

VAR Breakfast

Passing of Chip Byers 04072016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 04032016

2016 Department Membership Report: Apr12016


March 2016

Exciting News From Your ALA Tour Promoter 03272016

Arrangements for Paul Cody

2016 Department Membership Report: March252016

Updated 2016 Department Convention Registration Form: REGISTRATION and RESERVATIONS 2016v3

Passing of Past Department President Faith Cody’s Husband Paul

Exciting News From Membership Chairman 03222016

Message from the Department President 03212016

15th District Spring Conference Cancelled 03192016

2016 Department Membership Report:  mar182016

Juniors Want to Say Thank you

2016 Department Convention Registration Form:  REGISTRATION and RESERVATIONS 2016v3

2016 Spring Conference Leadership Handouts 03112016

Junior Bazaar and Sleepover Final Update 03102016

Art Supplies for Creative Arts 03082016

Spring Conference Reminders 03072016

WE CAN DO IT and Throw back to 1940s Fashion 03062016

Press Release: 2016_DC_Conf_Press_Release 03052016

2016 Department Membership Report:  mar32016

2016 Department Spring Conference Program Revised 03032016

AEF – Donate at Spring Conference – Parade of Checks 03032016

February 2016

Membership Report and Throw back to 1940s Fashion 02282016

2016 Department Membership Report:  feb262016

2016 Presidents Luncheon and Lady of the Year Forms 02252016

2016 ALA Unit Lady of the Year

2016 Presidents Luncheon Form

2016 Virginia Leadership College Registration Package:  2016 Leadership College Registration Package 02232016

2016 National Convention Information:   2016 National Convention Package 02222016

Membership Report and Tough Love Challenge 02212016

Department Membership Report :  feb192016

Junior Bazaar and Sleepover Forms: Sleepover Permission Form

Phot, Video, Audio Release and Consent Form

Permission for Travel Form

Junior Bazaar and Sleepover Update 02182016

Membership Report and Tough Love Challenge 02142016

Department Membership Report: feb122016

Northern Zone Workshop Cancellation 02122016


monthlyreportform 02102016 PDF

monthlyreportform 02102016 Word

Department Spring Conference Registration Extended Until March 1, 2016 (02102016)

Membership Report and Recognition for Chart Toppers 02082016

Mailing for Barbara Willett 02092016

Passing of Barbara J. Willett 02082016

Department Membership Report:  feb52016

Membership Basket Raffle – Snow Edition 02022016


January 2016

Membership Report and Recognition for Chart Toppers 01272016

Department Membership Report:  jan212016

URGENT UPDATE – Northern Zone Workshop Rescheduled 01192016

Membership Report and Recognition for Chart Toppers 01192016

Department Membership Report: JAN152016

Junior Bazaar and Sleepover 01122016

January 8th Membership Report and New Years Resolution

Department Membership Report:  jan82016

Complete 2016 Plan of Action has been added to Members Section! 2016 Complete POA 01072016

Update – Eastern Zone Workshop 01042016

Happy New Year! 

Deadline for 100 Percent Extended Until January 5, 2016 (1/1/2016)

December 2015

Department Membership Report: dec312015

Are You A Caregiver Hidden Hero?  (12/31/2015)

Merry Christmas from the American Legion Auxiliary

Department Membership Report:  Dec232015

December 17th Membership Report and Kudos (12/22/2015)

Eastern Zone Leadership Workshop Call:   Eastern Zone Leadership Workship Call 2016

Department Membership Report:   Dec172015

December 10th Membership Report and Kudos and Eastern Zone Workshop Call (12/14/2015)

2016 Day on the Hill Legislative Objectives: LEGISLATIVE OBJECTIVES

Department Membership Report:  Dec102015

2016 Day on the Hill is Confirmed for January 20, 2016:   2016 Day on the Hill Information

December 4th Membership Report and Kudos (12/8/2015)

REMINDER MID-YEAR REPORTS ARE DUE DECEMBER 15, 2015:  Mid Year Reports Are Due (12/7/2015)

Department Membership Report:  Dec42015

November 2015

November 20th Membership Report and Kudos

2016 Department President’s Rockin’ Round the Clock Membership Roundup:  2016 Dept Pres Membership Roundup 11212015

Department Membership Report:  nov202015

Updated Arrangements Education Chair Kimberlee Mack’s Father Passing (11/19/2015)

Education Chair Kimberlee Mack’s Father Passing (11/19/2015)

Update on Habitat for Heroes

November 13, 2015 Membership Report & Kudos:  November 13 Membership Report and Kudos

Past Department President Ginny James Update:  PDP Ginny James 11132015

Department Membership Report:  Nov132015

Eastern Zone Leadership Workshop Update and November 5, 2015 Membership Report & Kudos:  Eastern Worskhop plus November 5 Membership Report and Kudos

Department Membership Report:  Nov52015

Passing of Past Department President Frances Updike:  Passing of PDP Frances Updike

Department Membership Report:  oct292015

October 2015

2016 Department Spring Conference Registration Form (10/27/2015): 2016 Dept Spring Conference Registration Form

Department Membership Report: oct222015   (10/27/2015)

Department Membership Report:  Oct172015

2015 Department Presidents Homecoming Invitation (10/13/2015)

Department Fall Bulletin is out! (10/13/2015)

Plan of Action Sections Have Been Added For Each Committee (10/12/2015)

Oct 8 Membership Report – Paid Members Only

Department Membership Report:  Oct 8 2015 Report Current Members Only

Department Fall Conference Updates 10122015

Your Variety – October 11, 2015

Department Fall Conference Program:  2015 Dept Fall Conference program

Department Presidents & Secretaries Conference is Cancelled (10/1/2015):  Pres and Sec Conf Cancelled

September 2015

Luell Upshaw Funeral Arrangements 09162015 (9/16/2015)

It is with sadness we report the passing of Luell Upshaw, husband of Past Department President Patricia Upshaw. Funeral arrangements are pending and we will send notification once they are finalized. Please keep the Upshaw family in your prayers. (9/13/2015)

2015 Department Fall Conference Registration Form (9/4/2015)


July 2015

2015 National Convention Information (7/24/2015)