Auxiliary Emergency Fund

Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF)

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The Auxiliary Emergency Fund was established in 1969 to provide emergency financial grants to eligible members at a time of natural disaster or financial crisis. Grants may be awarded for up to $2400, with one grant awarded to a grantee over a 12 month period.

Eligible members are defined as anyone whose membership is current and with two years of immediate past membership. For a membership total of three years. Temporary assistance may be provided for replacement shelter, food, and clothing in the event of a natural disaster. Temporary assistance may be provided for shelter, food, and utilities in the event of financial crisis where no other aid is available.

The application may be downloaded for the National Auxiliary web site at Follow the linked to the AEF page. Applications may also be submitted directly to national for review. All parts of the application must be filled out. Applications for disaster assistance must be made within 6 month of the event.

Supporting the Auxiliary Emergency Fund is made by donations. Donations may be made by going to the web site, and follow
the links to the AEF page, where there are links for donations. Donations may be made either by individuals or units.

The End of Year report will be in the form of a narrative and is due with a postmark of April 15, 2023. Please report on your units AEF program, and these may result in a national award if requirements are met. Mid-year reports are due 15, 2022.


AEF Committee

 Chair: Lynne Norton
Email Address:
Vice Chair: Susan Hedrick
Advisor: Patricia Upshaw, PDP

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