Leadership Committee

The purpose of the Leadership Committee is to better equip members to serve in leadership positions with confidence and skill.

What is leadership? It is comprised of several essential qualities that are not related to title or position. Leadership includes, among other key components, organizational knowledge, commitment to the organization’s mission and purpose, enthusiasm, integrity, honesty, strong communication skills, self-development, openness to innovative ideas, the ability to collaborate, and a vision for everyone’s success.

The Department of Virginia leadership team is committed to providing you with and guiding you to the resources necessary to continue to develop your own leadership through a variety of opportunities to improve skills from the Department and the National organization.

American Legion Auxiliary National Organization website- www.legion-aux.org

• ALA Academy Courses
• Program Enhancement Plans
• Facebook Groups
• Mission Training
• Unit Handbook online or purchased through Emblem Sales
• American Legion Auxiliary Magazine

American Legion Auxiliary Department Website – www.vaauxiliary.org

• Member Portal will have Department 2023-24 Program Enhancement Plans
• Department Constitution and Bylaws
• Constant Contact Emails and Bulletin
• Department scheduled leadership at Fall Conference, Friday, October 27, 2023.
• Department scheduled leadership training at Spring Conference Friday March 1, 2024.
• Department Leadership College in August 2024
• The Leadership team is available to Zones, Districts and Units for mini-workshops as well, either in-person or online. We are here to assist you!



 Chair: Margret Dellinger, PDP
Email Address:  [email protected]
  Member:  Sarah Elam, PDP
  Member:  Sallie Rossman, PDP
 Member: Nancy Harding, PDP
 Member: Peggy Thomas, PNP, PDP 
Member:  Dr. Lisa Chaplin, PDP



Leadership One-Page Summary – 2023-2024