Fostering Patriotism and Pride in America

It is an unfailing love of America, a loyalty to its Ideals and Principles, a readiness to defend America against all enemies both foreign and domestic, an undivided unquestionable allegiance to the American Flag and to the Constitution of the United States, with the desire to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and posterity.

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of that tragic day September 11, 2001 when our country came under attack. Continue to promote the flying of the Freedom Flag. It is the official flag of remembrance for 9/11 in Virginia. Visit their official webpage at .

What can we do?

  • Be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette, and proper disposal methods, and promote the observation of patriotic holidays so your community will look to the ALA for information.
  • Work with local schools to further education of the U.S. Constitution either as a whole or in part such as the Bill of Rights or the Preamble.
  • Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest.
  • Participate in the promotion of The American Legion Americanism programs (High School Oratorical, Boys Nation and Boy State, American Legion Baseball and more). Go to to learn more.
  • We can teach our children, grandchildren and members how to display and to respect the American Flag. Include flag etiquette, proper handling and standing for the National Anthem.
  • Encourage everyone to Vote. Take your children and grandchildren so they can learn the process.



 Chair: Elizabeth Shepherd
Email Address:
Vice Chair: Kathleen Czarnecki
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Chaplin, PDP


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