Americanism Committee
Fostering Patriotism and Pride in America

Why do we call her Old Glory?

 William Driver’s old ship flag-inspired this popular nickname for all American flags today. Driver’s flag symbolized hope and pride for his beloved country. We will continue to serve and fulfill the legacy of Old Glory!” Americanism is also one of the four pillars on which we are founded.
         We know there was an abundant amount of patriotism and pride by everyone in building this country. We can work together to strengthen this legacy of America that has been provided to us. Our task is to help instruct our citizens, especially the children, as we progress into the future.  
What Can You Do?

  • Teach respect for the American Flag and what it stands for, including flag etiquette, proper handling, and standing for the National Anthem.  
  • Ask and encourage Veterans to accompany you to schools to speak with the children about what the flag and Constitution mean to them. 
  • In addition to schools, contact other youth groups such as 4-H and Boy/Girl Scouts, and Boys and Girls Clubs.
  • Encourage Legion family members to fly the American flag at their homes.  
  • Increase participation in the Americanism Essay Contest. This will be due in February 2023. The theme will be announced soon.
  • Encourage our units to support the “Star-Spangled Kids.” We will announce and embrace this more as we move forward in the upcoming year.
  • Take your children or grandchildren with you when you vote. 
  • Encourage everyone to vote.  
  • Promote the flying of the Freedom Flag  

There is so much more that we can do, as we move forward into 2022-2023. As we move into the upcoming year, let us share our new inventive syles while we change, adapt, and implement them all this year. Please be ready to enjoy our informative monthly newsletters. Please take a moment to join our American Facebook page. We are stronger together for “God and Country!”

All unit Year-End reports are due by April 15, 2024. Please mail your reports to Dr. Deborah Blanch, 51 Richland Drive, Newport News, VA 23608. Reports can also be emailed to The time to receive both is April 15, 2022, by midnight.

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” – Maya Angelou


 Chair: Erica Evans
Email Address:
Vice Chair: Judy Gallagher
Advisor: Dawn Thomas, PDP


Americanism 2022-2023 One Page Summary
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