Responsibilities, Obligations, and Requirements
Celebrating 100 Years with 100%

The Responsibility, Obligation and Requirements (ROAR) Committee is responsible for required ROAR applies to all Units and requires diligent attention and work by each Unit.  “Celebrating 100 Years with 100%” to continue the Auxiliary mission for another century.

As you complete each citation requirement, you are one achievement closer to completing your 100th year.

ROAR is comprised of two sections:
Paragraph 32a. ROAR Section One will be Required Citations that all Units must fulfill. To determine your Unit’s Required Citation amounts, use Headquarters Membership Report as of July 24, 2019. The number under “Membership total” determines the Unit’s Citation amounts due.

Payment for the following assessments is due to the Department Secretary/Treasurer, before Dec 1, 2019.

1A. Children & Youth Assessment based on previous year’s membership. Funds will be donated to the Department Children and Youth Project each year.

10-50 members          $6.00 per Unit
51-100 members        $11.00 per Unit
101 + members           $16.00 per Unit

1B. Veterans Rehabilitation Assessment based on previous year’s membership. All funds derived from this assessment will be restricted to usage for VA&R.

10-25 members         $.90 per member
26-50 members         $.80 per member
51-75 members         $.70 per member
76-100 members       $.60 per member
101-125 members     $.50 per member
126+ members          $.40 per member

1C. Entertainment of Veterans (minimum amount of $10.00) for hospitalized veterans. These assessments may be designated for a specific VA Medical Center.

1D. Mail to the Department Secretary/Treasurer, postmarked by December 1, 2019, a check for 15% of 2018-2019 poppy receipts before expenses. Mail your current year’s poppy order to the Department Poppy Chair, postmarked by February 1, 2020. Units cannot order more than 500 poppies until they have paid the citations for each of the following:

1A (Children and Youth Assessment)
1B (Veterans Rehabilitation Assessment)
1C (Entertainment of Veterans)
1D (15% of Poppy proceeds)
1E (Bonding)
1F (Building Fund)

1E. Mail a check for $8.00 for bonding to the Department Secretary/Treasurer by December 1, 2019.

1F. Mail a check for the Building Fund to the Department Secretary/Treasurer postmarked by March 1, 2020 for seventy-five cents ($0.75) per member based on the previous year’s membership.

Please note that if the ROAR Unit Worksheet is used,
only one check is needed to pay all 1A -1F ROAR assessments

32b. ROAR Second Section requirements must be completed in conjunction with ROAR Section One – Required Citations to receive Meritorious Citation.

2A. Mail/email at least nine (9) monthly reports to the Department President and the District President. Total of nine reports are due by June 30th. Also, mail/email a courtesy copy to your Zone Vice President and retain a copy for Unit files.

2B. Mail the Year-End Report form for each of the following Auxiliary programs to the Department Committee Chair, postmarked by April 15, 2020. Make sure before mailing that each report reflects the UNIT NAME, UNIT NUMBER, DISTRICT AND ZONE on the report. A report of “no activity” will meet Citation requirements. Required reports:

(1) Americanism
(2) Children & Youth
(3) Community Service
(4) Education
(5) Junior Activities
(6) Leadership
(7) Legislative
(8) National Security
(9) Poppy
(10) Public Relations
(11) Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

2C. Mail to the Department Secretary/Treasurer and your District President a list of the new Unit Officers as soon as elections are held in May.

2D. Each Unit must be represented at their Annual District Meeting and answer roll call each day of the Department Convention (Friday and Saturday).


My committee and I are looking forward to all of the achievements this year!!!   If we can be of any assistance to you at any time, please feel free to contact us!



 Chair: Emily Gregory
Email Address:
Vice Chair:  Aleta Perkins
 Advisor:  Sallie Rossman, PDP



Download: ROAR Summary (rev)

Citation Report Form 2019-2020

 2019 – 2020 Programs Action Plan – ROAR