Children and Youth

American Legion Auxiliary
Children and Youth Program

Children and Youth “Assorted Candies”

The Children & Youth program emphasizes protecting, caring for and supporting children and youth, particularly those of veterans and military families.

What can you do?

1. Support Children and Youth in your community.

▪ Star Spangled Kids: This is an ALA program to educate children and youth on the history of the United States from the aspect of patriotism, Americanism, and the U.S. Constitution.
▪ Youth Hero Awards/Good Deed Awards: This is the way the ALA can recognize youth in our communities who demonstrate good citizenship, either through a brave physical act or a good deed.
▪ April is The American Legion’s Children and Youth Month

2. Support military children and youth
▪ Kids of Deployed are Heroes 2 (HDH): This is a recognition program for military children who experience extended separation from their military parent or parents.

3. Support Children and Youth of our veterans.
▪ Some of our homeless veterans have children living on the streets with them.

4. Support Children and Youth of “Our Military Kids”.
▪ “Our Military Kids” is the special project for this year. “Our Military Kids” supports children of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members, as well as those of wounded veterans from all service branches, with grants to participate in chosen activities.

5. Support Children and Youth of Virginia by meeting your reporting deadlines.
▪ Tell your how you have supported Children and Youth during the year. You made a difference! Mid-year reports are due by December 15, 2020. Year-end reports are due April 15, 2021.



 Chair:  Ethel Carson
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 Vice Chair:  
Advisor:  Rose Moore, PDP

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