Community Service

Community Service


The Community Service program demonstrates who we are, what we do, and why we matter. As our communities grow the need for assistance grow. We are here to enhance the lives in our community.

Community Service how can we grow in our communities?

  • If we want people to know who we are, we need to get out into our communities and get involved.
  • Challenge yourself and your Unit to do something new in your community.
  • Make a Difference Day is October 26, 2019.This is a great day to start any project, it could be delivering food to seniors by helping Meals on Wheels, collecting food for your local food bank or collecting winter coats.
  • Sponsor and participate in an activity your Library, nursing home, a special event (walk for the cure, Toys for Tots, Blood Drives and etc…).

Let the community know what we do and why we matter. We are here help and to make a difference in our communities.

If you are participating in a community project, make sure you wearing something that brands you as an American Legion Auxiliary member. BE PROUD!!! Be sure to take pictures, shout it out about what you are doing. Post pictures in the newspaper and social media. List activities in a community forum.

Promote the American Legion Auxiliary’s visibility within our localities through our commitment to community, state and nation. Find a way to grow in your community. Get involved. Be visible. Find out how you can make a difference.


 Chair:  Elizabeth Shepherd
 Vice Chair:  Betty Clevinger
 Advisor:  Donna Ellis, PDP


Download: Community Service Summary Sheet

 2019 – 2020 Programs Action Plan – Community Service