Department of Virginia
2020 – 2021 Poppy Program

All Aboard The Good Ship
For Our Veterans and Troops!

Poppy distribution is only the beginning! Promoting the Poppy program can be done at any time during the year. Past methods of promotion may not work in the age of social distancing and distance learning, so lets start thinking outside of the box! Check to see if your library is doing virtual “storytimes” and volunteer to read “The Poppy Lady: Moina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans” or work with the art teachers at your local schools to promote the Poppy Poster Contest. Can you do a virtual presentation for your schools or community on Veterans’ Day? How about a (socially distant) poppy making workshop with your American Legion Family?

Per ROAR, 15% of last year’s poppy receipts must be paid (ROAR Assessment 1D) to the Department Secretary/Treasurer (postmarked by December 1st), in order to place your poppy order for 2020-2021. If you are ordering 500 or more poppies, ROAR assessments 1A, 1B, 1C, 1E and 1F must all be paid. The minimum order is 200 poppies and the prices can be found on the Poppy Order form in the Program Action Plan and on the Department Website (www.vaauxiliary.org).
The Fall Conference Poppy Contest categories will be wreathes, seasonal centerpieces, table favors and corsages. Arrangement themes will be Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Patriotic, and Traditional/Department theme. All entries must be a minimum of 95% poppies.

***Junior Entries will be the same categories, but judged separately.***

The Spring Conference Poppy Contest categories will be hats or bonnets, spring centerpieces, Patriotic displays and corsages. All entries must be a minimum of 95% poppies.

***Junior Entries will be the same categories, but judged separately.***

Each Unit’s Mid-Year Report is due by December 15th, and the End of Year Report is due by April 15th. These can be mailed to 10 Jamestown Road, Farmville, VA 23901 or emailed to poppy@vaauxiliary.org.


 Chair:  Erika Evans
Email Address:  Poppy@vaauxiliary.org
 Vice Chair:  Patricia Bracey
 Advisor:  Francis Shelton, PDP



Download:  2020-2021 Poppy Summary Sheet

Programs Action Plan – ALA Poppy Program

Poppy Program Resources/Documents:

In Flanders’ Fields by Lt Col John McCrae

Sample Poppy Proclamation