Department of Virginia
2019-2020 Poppy Program

Using “Flower Power” to
Honor our Veterans and Military for 100 Years

There are several ways to promote the Poppy program, and poppy distribution can be done all year long, not just on Memorial Day. You can also donate a book called The Poppy Lady: Moina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans or some ALA Poppy bookmarks to a local school or

Please remember that 15% of last year’s poppy receipts must be paid before you can place your poppy order, and if ordering 500 or more poppies, ROAR Assessments 2A, 2B, 2C, and #7 Bonding and #8 Building Fund must also be paid. This year, the minimum order is 200 poppies. Prices for poppy orders can be found on the Poppy Order Form in the Program Action Plan.

The Fall Conference Poppy Contest categories will be wreaths, seasonal centerpieces, table favors, and corsages. Arrangements themes will be Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Traditional/Department theme and Patriotic displays.

o Junior entries will be the same categories but judged separately.

The Spring Conference Poppy Contest categories will be hats or bonnets, spring centerpieces, Patriotic displays, and corsages.

o Junior entries will be the same categories but judged separately.

Please note that all entries must be made of a minimum of 90% poppies.

The Midyear Report is due by December 15th and End of Year Report is due by April15th. These can be mailed to 6109 River Road South Chesterfield VA 23803 or emailed to Poppy@vaauxiliary.org.


 Chair:  Kimberly Marsh
Email Address:  Poppy@vaauxiliary.org
 Vice Chair:  Artis Law
Member: Rosel Fredericksen
 Advisor:  Faith Cody, PDP



Download: Poppy Summary Sheet

  2019 – 2020 Programs Action Plan – ALA Poppy Program

Poppy Program Resources/Documents:

In Flanders’ Fields by Lt Col John McCrae

Sample Poppy Proclamation