Poppy Program

Distributing poppies is one of the best ways to publicly represent the American Legion Auxiliary. The iconic image of the poppy reminds non-members of the importance of supporting our veterans. Since 1921, ALA has reminded the country of the sacrifice of service to our country veterans have made.

The making of the poppy provides the veteran with therapeutic time and a small stipend for each poppy made. Every unit that purchases poppies are supporting the veterans indirectly.

Traditionally, units distribute (never sell) poppies Memorial Day or Veterans Day. Congress designated National Poppy Day the Friday before Memorial Day. Units should be creative in their approach to distribute poppies.

Recommended activities, but not the only activities – Hand out poppies at an elementary school, or teach a class on how to make a poppy. Read The Poppy Lady, by Barbara Walsh. Students could compete in the Poppy Poster contest.Encourage Junior members to participate in the Little Miss Poppy Contest. Another option might be to have a contest among the older students to memorize the poem, “In Flanders Field.” Please remember to have both Junior and Senior members compete in the Poppy Decoration Contests. A highly successful activity has been to distribute poppies via letters to friends, families, and members.

Receipts from the poppy distribution must be used to help veterans, active-duty service members, or their families. Each unit needs to send a check to the
Department for 15% of the previous year’s receipts no later than December 1st. Additional resources can be found on the National website and, “The Poppy
Guide.” The more poppies distributed, the more we have as the American Legion Auxiliary to support our veterans.



 Chair:  Karen Donais
Vice Chair: Mary “Peggy” Magahay
Email Address:  Poppy@vaauxiliary.org
 Advisor:  Sallie Rossman, PDP


Poppy One-Page Summary – 2023-2024
Working Program Summary Sheet

Poppy Order Form
Poppy Report Form
Poppy Important Dates

Poppy Program Resources/Documents:
In Flanders’ Fields by Lt Col John McCrae
Sample Poppy Proclamation