American Legion Auxiliary
Legislative Program

“Legislative knowledge is pure sweetness”

The Legislative program provides information and assistance to American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.

• The American Legion Auxiliary is non-partisan, so when representing the organization, we cannot be political.
• When representing ourselves as Legion Family members, we can only advocate for the items included on the Legion’s Legislative Agenda.

What can you do?
Encourage and empower members to be more knowledgeable to take action on The American Legion’s legislative priorities.

How do you become more knowledgeable?
❖Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts to receive notification when they call on all Legion Family members to take immediate action on a topic. Visit www.capwiz.com/legion/mlm/signup to subscribe. Report to your unit chairman when you have done so.
❖ Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Update to stay informed on veteran and military legislative issues. Report to your unit chairman when you have subscribed.

Other ideas to help accomplish our main goal are listed in the Program Action Plan, along with mid-year and end of year report forms and specific criteria for Department/National awards.


 Chair: Pamela Elam Lipscombe
 Vice Chair:  
 Advisor:  Dr. Lisa Chaplin, PDP


Legislative Program

Download: 2020-2021 Legislative Summary Page
Programs Action Plan – Legislative
Legislative Year End Report

Virginia Joint Leadership Council (JLC) Website

ALA Facebook Legislative Group Page