Legislative Program

What is The ALA Legislative Program?
The Legislative program provides information and assistance to The American Legion Auxiliary members to advocate for the legislative agenda of The American Legion.

What Can You Do?
Encourage and empower members to be more knowledgeable to take action on The American Legion’s legislative priorities.

• Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Action Alerts to receive notification when they call on all Legion Family members to take immediate action on a topic.
• Subscribe to the Legion’s Legislative Update to stay informed on veteran and military legislative issues.
• Download a copy of the ALA Legislative Advocacy Guide to help build legislative awareness in your community.
• Visit the Legion’s legislative website, www.legion.org/legislative, to keep current on legislative priorities.
• Identify your Legislators: U.S. representative and two US. Senators; One State Senator and one State Delegate; local elected officials in your jurisdiction and build a relationship and rapport with the individuals and/or members of their staff.
• In joint effort with The Legion, advocate at the state level to identify and initiate specific steps that need to be taken to provide transitioning service members and military spouses with the credentials they need as they transition into civilian life, reducing barriers to licensing based on military experience or frequent moves.

The American Legion Auxiliary has always been and will continue to be a strong advocate for veterans and national security issues promoted and supported by The American Legion.


 Chair: Ethel Carson
Email Address:  [email protected]
 Vice Chair:  Sue Oertel
 Advisor:  Pamela Elam-Lipscombe, PDP


Legislative Program One-Page Summary – 2023 2024
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