Education Summary Plan
“Education – Learning never stops!”

Purpose:  To promote The American Legion Auxiliary’s role in providing quality education for children and adults through classroom activities, literacy programs, scholarship promotion and support of education beyond high school, with a special emphasis on children of veterans and service members.

Key Program Statements (from the National Website):

  • To promote quality education for children, especially for military children, and adults
  • To encourage schools to invite veterans to speak in their classrooms
  • To provide scholarships for students who desire a college education
  • To support legislation that establishes new scholarship opportunities
  • To support the Education program and scholarship opportunities of The American Legion

Learning Never Stops!

  • You can support education locally by working with your area schools or at the Department and National level by donating to, and encouraging students to apply for scholarships.Make sure your Junior members know about the “Junior Member Loyalty” Scholarship.
  • You can support the “Give 10 to Education” program.Remember, middle/junior high and high schools need school supplies too.  Check out school supply lists that are posted online or available in stores.
  • You can show your appreciation during American Education Week and Teacher Appreciation Week.Don’t forget to show appreciation to Special Education Teachers, School Librarians and School Support workers too!
  • You can schedule “Veterans in Community Schools” programs locally, participate in Veterans Day and Memorial Day programs, instilling respect for those who have served and sacrificed for our country.
  • Seek out and support local veterans who are persuing higher education and vocational education.
  • Seek out and support military families with children to assist with educational opportunities.

Reporting – The Year End report is due by April 15, 2023. ________________________________________________________


 Chair:  Karen Hunter
Email Address:
Vice Chair:  Judy Farabaugh
Advisor: Sarah Elam, PDP

2022-2023 Education One Page Summar
Working Program Summary Sheet