American Legion Auxiliary
Education 2020-2021


Education is an important concept as we place a specific emphasis on the children of our veterans and troops. We also provide and promote an opportunity for quality education for our youth and adults through classroom interaction, literacy programs, scholarship promotions, and positive support beyond their high school years.

Our youth are our future, and as we continue to strive for this “sweet taste,” it enables positive results for this program as we move towards the next 100 years. We must be proactive, informative, and diligent because our youth will be the benefactors of this effort.

There are important dates and ideas located in your Plan of Action. Please share these opportunities with your units, and let us make this a stellar year for Education! Moving forward, we will provide our youth the chance for success! Let’s work together and give them the sweet taste of their favorite candy!

Dr. Kate Waller Barrett Scholarship: Due to Unit President 1 April 2021 and due to Department Char 15 April 2021.

Veterans Education: Due to Unit President 1 April 2021 and due to Department Char 15 April 2021.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
– Author Unknown


 Chair: Dr. Deborah Blanch
Email Address:
Vice Chair:  Betty Haney
Advisor:  Susan Lee, PDP

Download: 2020-2021 Education Summary Page

Programs Action Plan – Education