Public Relations

Department of Virginia
2021-2022 Public Relations Program
Service on Display

The goal of the Public Relations Committee is to promote WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we matter to our members, potential members, and to the general public.

Our focus for the 2021-2022 year will be a continued celebration of our 100+ years of service and how to showcase and market ourselves to potential members! Let’s talk 3 ways we can do that:

1)  Find your WHY: Why did you join the ALA? What makes you passionate about service not self and sharing that mission? What is your favorite part of what we do that gets you excited? THAT’s YOUR WHY!

2)  Learn and Share WHAT we do! Check out the ALA Academy! Read through the handbook! Go to Leadership Workshops! And then share it! Mentor a new member! Share the programs with the public so they can find their why too!

3)  Promote WHY we matter! One of our biggest selling points to gain new members is to help them see the amazing work we do so they can get excited and passionate too! Sharing what we do, and why we matter, helps others find their WHY and that’s crucial to recruiting! It also helps us keep ourselves mission oriented- it keeps us grounded in service not self so that we can continue to provide SWEET SERVICE for the next 100 years!

What are some ways we can accomplish this goal?

  1. Promote a positive image of the American Legion Auxiliary and the use the variety of public relations materials and resources available online. Ex. Give an Auxiliary magazine gift subscription to your local library or doctor’s office
  2. Build brand loyalty of the American Legion Auxiliary through the utilization and promotion of websites, social media, and other electronic communications. Ex. Place a link to in your personal email signature

Other ideas to help accomplish our main goal are listed on the website along with end of year report forms and specific criteria for Department/National awards.

For God and Country,

Claire Gallagher Moore, Public Relations Chairperson


 Chair:  Claire Gallagher Moore
Vice Chair:  Brigid Gaine 
 Advisor:  Sallie Rossman, PDP


Download: PR One Page Summary 2021-2022

The Auxiliary’s positive public image and excellent reputation in the community is no accident.  The Public Relations program works to establish and maintain goodwill within the organization and with the general public and promotes the Auxiliary’s many worthwhile programs, events, activities and accomplishments through every available medium.  Public Relations perform a dual function.  Doing things well and making sure that the public is aware of the efforts and the results ensures continued community support an awareness of Auxiliary programs.  Good publicity enhances and supports the Auxiliary’s recruiting efforts by attracting interested, eligible women and motivating them to become active members.