ALA VA Girls State


“2022 The 75th Session of Virginia Girls State”

ALA Virginia Girls State is being held on the campus of Longwood University from Sunday, June 19 through Saturday, June 25, 2022. This program is for females who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and have one more year remaining to be considered. Selection should be for those who illustrate leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty and service to their school and community. During this weeklong program the participants have the opportunity to learn how their state and local governments work.

Please note the cost of ALA VGS will be $425.00 per delegate plus transportation cost. Please make sure the girls selected can stay for the whole week.
Birth certificates and proof of legal residency will be required to be presented when applying. Upon selection as a delegate the signed Citizen or Legal Residence Status Form on the website must be bought to American Legion Auxiliary Virginia Girls State program along with the other forms required.
Our objectives:
1- To ensure all ALAVGS delegates are aware of the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary.
2- To actively encourage all eligible ALAVGS citizens to join the American Legion Auxiliary.
3- To increase participation by highlighting scholarships to participants of ALAVGS.
4- To utilize all social media to increase awareness of ALA Virginia Girls State.
5- To stay up to date on the latest news and best practices.

END OF YEAR Reports are due by April 15, 2022 to this chairman.

Please see website for further details.  We are constantly updating the site with all pertinent information.


 Chair and Director: Margaret Dellinger, PDP
  Vice-Chair and Assistant Director:  Emily Hall Gregory
Associate Director: Carol Campbell
Advisor:  Anne Starke, PDP


Download: 2022 Virginia Girls State Summary Sheet

ALA VA Girls State Program Manual

 Programs Action Plan – ALA VA Girls State