Past Presidents’ Parley

Department of Virginia
Past Presidents Parley Committee
Program Action Plan Summary 

The purpose of the Past Presidents Parley (PPP) committee is to utilize the experience and knowledge of Past Department Presidents, Past District and Unit Presidents for mentorship and encouragement of future ALA leaders at all levels of the organization. This committee also honors and recognizes one outstanding member from each Unit who has never held an office higher than Unit President, and recognizes one member to receive the Department the Member of the Year Award; the recipient of this award will be recognized at the National Convention. This committee is also charged with recognizing women veterans through the Salute to Servicewomen Awards as well as promoting a project that supports veterans. This year’s project focus is the Medical Scholarship, given the overwhelming need for increasing our healthcare force which has been critically demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This scholarship is 100% donation funded. The Medical Scholarship is available only to children and grandchildren of Veterans, so in that way, and consistent with our organization’s core mission, it supports Veterans and their families through assisting with education in the healthcare field.
Here’s what you can do:

• Collect donations for the PPP Medical Scholarship.
• Promote application for the Past Presidents Parley Medical Scholarship. Applications are due by April 15, 2022
• Nominate an outstanding Unit member who meets the above criteria for the Department’s Unit Member of the Year. Nominations due March 1, 2022.
• Seek out potential nominees for the Salute to Servicewomen Awards who meet the criteria set forth by the National organization including their concurrent contribution to service to their community. Nominations due April 15, 2022.
• Collaborate with your Unit’s Leadership committee to identify and mentor upcoming leaders in your unit.

Year-end reports are due April 15. 2022. 



 Chair: Staci King, PDP
Email Address:
 Advising Member:  Susan Lee, PDP
Advising Member:  Loretta Smith, PDP


PPP-One Page Summary 2021-2022
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