Junior Activities

Junior Member Activities

The new year is upon us, and this is the year to engage our Junior members, grow our Junior membership, mentorship, and encourage participation in The ALA Junior Patch Program. Involving our Juniors in the ALA programs now, will build our ALA leaders of tomorrow.

To accomplish these goals, let’s make it fun for our Junior members, involve them in our regular activities, encourage service projects that help our veterans and communities, engage them with mentors, recognize their accomplishments, and let their voice be heard, learn about their “why” and grow their knowledge of the ALA Programs.

Through this engagement, our ALA Patch Program can provide our Juniors with great opportunities to bring our ALA programs to life:  Americanism with Flag etiquette, Education on the constitution, Bill of Rights and the Preamble, the Americanism Essay Contest, the High School Oratorial and scholarships.  ALA Girls State is another great program to promote to our Juniors. Our Children and Youth program has the Youth Hero and Good Deed Awards. VA&R with helping our homeless veterans and their children through service projects. National Security with projects supporting our active-duty military and their families and children. Then we have the Poppy Program, and we can encourage the Poppy Poster Contest and participation in National Poppy Day. And that’s just to name a few!  We need to include and encourage our Juniors in our regular ALA events and build their knowledge and make them feel a part of our ALA Family. There is also the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Patch that would be a terrific opportunity for the Juniors to fundraise for this great scholarship and earn the National Presidents’ Patch.

Be on the lookout for emails, Facebook posts, learning opportunities and other engagements throughout the year to encourage and grow our Juniors.

I’m very excited to meet with everyone and share ideas across the Department to make this an exciting year for our Juniors.



 Chair: Crystal Cross
Email Address Juniors@vaauxiliary.org
 Vice Chair:  Kathleen Keller
 Advisor:  Ann Starke, PDP
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