Junior Activities

2019-2020 American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Virginia
Juniors Programs Action Plan
“100 more years of Star Spangled Service”

Looking and planning the future of the American Legion Auxiliary is always important for our continued growth. Our youth are a reflection of us and we must always look to make their future brighter and better. Our Junior program provides this wonderful opportunity and we will walk successfully together into the next 100 years.

 Our Junior patch program gives us a step by step process that will enrich the history and increase their knowledge. Let’s show them the basics. The energy that we receive from our youth can be energizing and contagious. What is your why? Pass this on, they want to hear it, experience it and we may even learn some new things from them!

 We have so much to mentor to them about our own experiences, no matter the age difference. They are us and we are them! For the Red, White, and the Blue let’s make this another fantastic journey full of new history and lots of new juniors to be the trailblazers of the future of the American Legion Auxiliary


 Chair: Dr. Deborah Blanch
Email Address:  Juniors@vaauxiliary.org
 Vice Chair:  Kathleen Lilly
 Advisor:  Nancy Harting, PDP


2019 – 2020 Programs Action Plan – Junior Activities

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