Department of Virginia
Erika Evans, Chairperson

Membership is the foundation of The American Legion Auxiliary. We are beginning a new century, that is why I chose my theme to be “The Rock Foundation for the Next Century”.

By growing membership, we are able to enhance the lives of our Veterans, Military and their Families, and we can help our Communities by working to build a better tomorrow. This is a great way to let people know WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we matter.

We are facing new challenges due to Covid-19. We all need to think outside the box. We may need to start off the old fashion way of calling or writing each member (you could set up a phone tree to help with this). Regular updates will be sent out through “Constant Contact” and on our Webpage ( Social media is taking a bigger role; you will be receiving emails when updated information comes out. Chances are we will be doing a few Zoom meetings. I have a good feeling will be seeing some new faces we don’t see at the Conferences or Conventions.

There are “Membership Milestones” to help us along the way to reaching 100% membership. Please use the calendar in the program action plan as a reminder of the goals. There is special drawing from National for Units that reach 100% membership (100 Units will win $100.00 dollars); any member that signs up 10 new seniors by November 10, or Rejoins, Renews or Recruits 5 new members by December 14 will receive a special gift from the National Membership Chairperson. Be on the lookout for some sweet recognition to Units and Members.

Remember we are ALL membership recruiters. Send me your new ideas, other units may want to use your idea. I know working together we can accomplish anything. I am looking forward to a really sweet year.


Chair: Erika Evans
Vice Chair: 
Member: All Zone Vice Presidents
Member: All District Presidents
 Advisor: Nancy Harting, PDP