Welcome to the 2023-2024 Membership year and the Great Membership Race! Membership is key to growing our Units in our Department of Virginia, and each member is a part of the Great Membership Race. As we are Mushing for Membership and Scouting for new members, we are growing our opportunities to Be the One to unlock the magic to support our Military Veterans, our Active-Duty military and their families and our communities.

The number one resource to all of us on this Great Membership Race is our National Website. All the important dates and key resources are available here and will also be included in the Membership Program Enhancement Plan. The links to the National Website, The National Membership Page, and the National Facebook Membership page are below.

You will receive emails every two weeks with the current membership standings and each email will have information on Membership to help all of us on this Great Membership Race. The email will include any. new information available.

Mid-Year Reports are due December 1, 2023 and Year-End Reports are Due April 15, 2024.

To be able to share the magic being unlocked in our Units, I need to hear from you! I look forward to hearing what each of you are doing for Membership this year and I am ready to shout out all your successes loud and far!

I look forward to working with every Unit this year and I look forward to meeting many of you at meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Let’s keep Mushing for Membership and Scouting for new members!



Chair:  Crystal Cross
Vice Chair: Sheila Sharpe
Member:  All District Presidents
Advisor:  Bonnie Crews


Membership One-Page Summary- 2023-2024