“Together Again!” – Membership 2021 – 2022

I am looking forward to a year of seeing the members of The American Legion Auxiliary in person! So, as we come together again, let’s bring some new faces!

No doubt about it, maintaining membership is difficult when we aren’t able to be together. For that reason, if a Unit’s membership goal wasn’t met last year, that Unit’s goal will remain the same as it was in 2021. If a Unit made their goal, let’s work on adding members to your Units.

Let’s not forget our Junior members! Recruiting, and maintaining a thriving Junior membership is vital to the future of The American Legion Auxiliary. Listening to how our Junior members want to contribute is just the beginning of keeping them engaged and forging lasting relationships that will keep them renewing their membership into adulthood.

Let’s unpack those membership toolkits!
  • MyAuxiliary portal on National’s website ( – all members can update their information, access resources and learn new ways to drive the mission.
  • Updated membership applications – make sure you are handing out the latest versions. You can also print applications and brochures locally (if you don’t know about The American Legion discount for copies and printing at Office Max/Office Depot, contact me!). 
  • Flag & Emblem Sales –official spot ( for all of your American Legion Family branded gear.
  • New Member welcome letters or kits
  • Your Membership team – utilize the knowledge of your District Presidents, Zone Vice-Presidents. and Membership committee.  
  • Your membership story!
  • YOUR SMILE!!!!

It’s time to Re-start and Re-engage!
As many Units’ meeting schedules were interrupted last year, you might have had some members not come back when things returned to their normal schedule. So make contact and re-engage them in your Unit’s activities. Even if you have members who are not yet comfortable with face-to-face activities, they may be willing to make phone calls or take care of some prep work for an upcoming activity. All members (and that includes Junior members!) have something to offer, even if they can’t regularly attend meetings or activities.

What’s your story?
As you know, membership updates are sent out every two weeks. This year, I’d like to include your membership story. That’s right – YOU!!! Every member has a story, why they joined, why they stay members, how they were recruited. Share them and inspire others! Use your story and recruit new members!


Chair: Erika Evans
Vice Chair: Ashley-Rose Alberts
Resource &Member: Elizabeth Shepherd
Member: All Zone Vice Presidents
Member: All District Presidents
 Advisor: Nancy Harting, PDP